Pedigree “Share for Dogs”

Sal, Nis 15, 2014

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Sadece köpek videosu izleyerek evsiz köpeklere yardım edebilirsiniz. Yeni Zelanda’da Pedigree köpek maması markasının başlattığı bu kampanyada yardım etmek için videoyu sadece izlemeniz ve paylaşmanız yeterli. Adoption Drive isimli kampanyanın geliri YouTube tarafından karşılanıyor, ve kazandıkları her dolar bir köpeğin yardımı için harcanıyor.

Pat yourself on the back — watching cute puppy videos online has never been so rewarding. Dog food company Pedigree has launched an adoption drive in New Zealand to help homeless dogs find permanent homes. To kick off the campaign, they’ve created this adorable video that features the very thing dog lovers can’t resist — cute puppies doing cute things.As the video explains, YouTube shares advertising revenue with approved content creators. In Pedigree’s case, every dollar they earn goes to helping a dog in need. Not only are these darling pups hard to resist, it’s the easiest way to ask for money by not asking at all.>

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  1. Neville Says:

    Guys, please remove this video immediately, you do not have the rights. If you want to share our YouTube video and help raise money for charity that would be amazing! BUT. If you just upload the video as you have done to your site, there is no benefit to the Adoption Drive and it undermines our entire concept.

    Please remove immediately.

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